Every moment in life can be magical but sometimes a dining experience can become truly memorable and unforgettable. 

Those are the kind of moments I want to share with my guests...

A private dinner at your own home or in an exclusive venue

Catering for a big celebration, yes! It can be a BBQ party with tacos or a tasting menu with wine pairing 

Or do you want me to create something for you?

Keep dreaming, everything is possible.

Tasting Menu

From 5 to 8 courses at your own home. I make sure the food is on point, and you get the drinks... Remember, the party is at your's, so no one checking the empty bottles.

This is very special because  I like to keep tasting menus as a surprise because that's what I have been doing for years.

Let me know if you have any food restrictions and I will create an unforgettable menu.

BBQ Party

Yes! I can bring my own charcoal BBQ

The more people, better the party.

Relax and spend time with your friend, I will look after the crayfish tacos and opening oysters, I can even help opening beer bottles.


Sometimes you need more than a chef,  but no worries, I know the perfect team to come along 

I know how stressful it is to feed a lot of people. I can look after that and also the flower arrangements. You will be enjoying all day. 

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