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Our food journey begins with a memory. A flavour from your childhood. A taste from something long ago. 


Here in Lyttelton Giulio is building the bridge between people and food. From the rich soil emerges the start of the story, nurtured by farmers, then harvested and reimagined by Giulio into something that sparks joy and lives on long afterwards. His ideas are limitless and he is always experimenting and dreaming of new ways to showcase and pay homage to the best food ingredients New Zealand has on offer.


With this wild countryside on our doorstep, incredible untouched nature in our backyard, and unique flavours waiting to be discovered, New Zealand is the best place in the world to eat. By offering intimate food experiences that will reflect the incredible local ingredients and produce, Giulio utilises innovative techniques to build a new frontier for expressing culinary creativity.


Working alongside a network of sustainable and artisan producers, Giulio will continue his legacy of commitment for the environment and development of New Zealand food, culture and people.


Follow the food journey. Come hungry and curious.



Whether it's a special occasion for two, a family reunion or just a big celebration, food will always be that thing people always remember the most. Let's make it unforgettable. 

Giulio is available for private dining experiences that will take you places. 

After 20 years of cooking experience, we've learned there are always new ways to push boundaries. Food is collaborative and brings people together. Knowledge and sharing are what makes us better at what we do, especially in the kitchen.


Giulio is always open to creative projects and trying new things. From appearances as a guest chef at your favorite restaurant or venue to speaking opportunities to trialing something entirely new, we are all about experimentation and growth!

Iki Jime - Taste Melbourne Parker HR_-86

Giulio's famous Pan de Yuca 

You know these treasures if you ever dined at Roots.

Good news, now one of our signature dishes is available to enjoy in the comfort of your own home (with as many as you like too) - Giulio's famous Pan de Yuca or cheesebread.

Made from two-year-old aged cheddar, Giulio's cheesebreads are a fantastic starter or snack to serve anytime and for any occasion. We make them fresh to order and are available starting with a dozen. Oh, and did we mention they're gluten-free?

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